Warhammer 40,000 April Tournament

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Warhammer 40,000 April Tournament


Date: 30/04/17

Welcome to Shadow Games Warhammer 40k Tournament rule set. The following rules are what we will be using in our upcoming 40k Tournament, so please read through them carefully before the day of the event.

Prior to the event you will need to makle a 1500 point army list and submit it to the store via email (stadowgamesstore@gmail.com) army must be selected from a current rule set and must adhere to the following rules:

- Each army may be built using no more than 2 Combined Arms Detachments, whether they be from the Warhammer 40k rules or specific Codexes.

- Formations are allowed however Decurion style formations will not be allowed for this event.

- Super Heavy Vehicles and Gargantuan Creatures will be allowed in this event.

If you use a Super Heavy Vehicle or Gargantuan Creature your opponent does not they will reciever +1 to Seize the Initiative

- Forgeworld Rules will no be permitted at this event

This event will be a one day event and will consist of three rounds. Each round will last 2 Hours. Games will last a maximum of 5 turns.

A half hour break will be given between 1:30pm and 2:00pm

Models must be WYSIWYG, although conversions will be allowed provided they are a accurate representation.

11:00: Registration
11:30: Round One
13:30: Lunch
14:00: Round Two
16:00: Round Three
18:00: Awards

Table’s and terrain will be set up prior to the event and must not be altered. If you encounter any problems with any tables please inform the Event Organiser. Please discuss terrain with your opponent before the game so everyone is clear what each piece represents.

The senario for each round will be randomly selected from the Malestrom of War missions from the Warhammer 40,000 rulebook at the beginning of each round. Deployment type will be selected by the event Organiser at the beginning of each round. Each deployment type will be used at least once.

Players will receive Points for the following:

Win: 3 Points
Draw: 2 Points
Loss: 0 Points

These are played as normal as stated in the 40k rulebook but with the following change: When drawing a card, if the card is impossible in the game (ie: Destroy a flyer, but the opponent have none in their list) then you may discard it immediately and continue to draw and discard cards until you draw a replacement that isn’t impossible. If the objective card was previously possible, but is now impossible (ie, destory a flyer, but all flyers in the opponents list have already been destroyed) then you can also discard and redraw in the same way. Note impossible does not apply to things like ; “My Imperial Guardsmen cant run that far in the two turns remaining.”

Any objective cards that state “Score D3 victory points” are scored as 2 victory points. Any objective cards that state “Score D6 Victory points” are scored as 3 victory points. Each secondary objective is worth 1 victory point.

Mysterious Objectives will not be used in this event.

All the mission over the day will use the following secondary objectives:

Slay the Warlord: As per 40k Rulebook

Line Breaker: As per 40k Rulebook

First Strike: Destory a unit on your first turn

The Bigger They Are: A Victory Point will be awarded for every 3 hull points/wounds taken off a Super Heavy Vehicle/Gargantuan Creature

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